Electrician - At Your Service


Have you always wanted lighting in certain spot in your home? Or maybe you’re doing some remodeling and need multiple outlets and wiring. Whatever your electrical needs, our experienced electricians will get it done to your satisfaction.


We provide electrical services for:

  • new construction & renovation
  • indoor lighting
  • new outlets & circuits
  • flat screen TV installation
  • home theater systems
  • attic & bath exhaust fans
  • ceiling fans
  • appliance wiring

What you need to know:

Hiring an electrician is an important decision because the work is critical to your home and can cause significant inconvenience, damage, or even house fires if the work goes wrong.

It’s almost always best to hire a professional electrician. Trying to do the work yourself can become dangerous and costly. In general, electricians say you can handle installing receptacles, outlets and lighting fixtures yourself if you have a clear idea of what you’re doing, but more complex work definitely requires an expert.

Your house may be providing you with signs that you may need an electrician. If you feel any mild shocks from your appliance, you many have a ground fault issue that requires attention. Also, if ceiling fixtures are warm or lights are flickering, that may be a sign of loose wiring. Light switches or receptacles that turn on and off at random could signal a problem with loose wiring or internal damage.

Whatever your electrical needs, our insured electricians can help. Don’t wait. Contact us today.